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The original chapter of Love on a Leash (LOAL) was founded in 1984 in California by award-winning author and dog trainer Liz Palika. The organization was incorporated in 1995 as The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy (“FPPT”), a California public-benefit nonprofit organization. It is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.

To date, there are over 900 members in 28 states, with volunteers forming new chapters so that they have the opportunity to visit with others and to share common concerns and strategies.

For more information on the Love on a Leash organization, please visit The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy website.

About our chapter

BaratBalmoral Jamie at Victory lakes
The Northeastern Illinois chapter of Love on a Leash was formed in November, 2009, by Rick and Maggie Schmude.  Currently we serve three different healthcare centers in our area, the Lake Bluff Public Library, and a girls' school in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are a small, but growing chapter. Inquiries about our work should be sent to Rick Schmude. (flschmude@yahoo.com)

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